About NicoleMChapman Photography

NicoleMChapman Photography

I'm Nicole and I'm in Japan - thus NicoleinJapan.
I am an English teacher by profession (for the moment at least) and photography is my expensive hobby. I'm still playing around with photography trying to find my style and ways to improve. I love browsing other's photos and getting ideas (or just plain getting jealous =/ ) and I love to hear comments from anyone, constructive, silly, encouraging or otherwise.

I started this blog before coming to Japan in August 2007. I blog partly to reassure my friends and family that I am alive and to share with them my life in Japan and partly to keep myself motivated when it comes to photography. I really like the concept of Aminus3 and posting photos everyday. It's taken me a little less than a year to finally reach the 100 photo mark but I am aiming to be in the +500 group someday!

Nice to meet you or as we say in Japan よろしく!

Photography Equipment

Tameron 18~55mm
*Tameron 18~200mm
Nikon 70~300mm
Nikon 50mm f1.8
Minolta AF Maxxum (70?)
Lomo Horizon Perfkt

This is my go to camera that I always have on me despite the bulk. I also occasionally dabble in B&W with my Minolta camera. I own a panoramic camera that I don't use nearly as often as I should. The film is a pain to get developed but it's just so much fun.

My favorite software is Adobe Lightroom. I spent a long time searching for the ideal photo editing software, and I found everything I was looking for in Lightroom and will never go back. Obviously I highly recommend it.